Evie, Circle of the Moon

Player Character of Paige


Not much is known about Evie’s past, but her power is undeniable. Nissa met her on her way back to Tidus, and has recruited her to help in her efforts to cleanse Loirdae of it’s darker inhabitants.

Evie is a Druid of the Circle of the Moon, meaning her druidic powers center on guarding the wilderness and its inhabitants with fierce combat and magical powers. Their order gathers under the full moon to share news and trade warnings. They haunt the deepest parts of the wilderness, where they might go for weeks on end before crossing paths with another humanoid creature, let alone another druid. Changeable as the moon, a druid of this circle might prowl as a great cat one night, soar over the treetops as an eagle the next day, and crash through the undergrowth in bear form to drive off a trespassing monster. The wild is in the druid’s blood.

Evie has the ability to change into a combatant animal she has seen before as a bonus action twice per day. While in animal form, she can regain 1d8 hit points of damage provided she is not hit within the turn. Evie gains all benefits of the animal she chooses, however she cannot speak or cast spells as an animal. If she is hit as an animal, she has the HP of the animal, and will revert back to her human form if her HP drops to 0. Some of the animals she can transform into include a wolf, a panther, a giant eagle, and a tortoise (including but not limited to other choices as well).

Evie can cast a multitude of Spells and Cantrips from the Druid Spell List. She can also read and speak Druidic, a secret language only used in Druidic Circles.

Evie carries a Longbow and a Dagger for her defense, and wears hide armor to protect herself. Evie can play the Shwam, a wind instrument she carries on her back, and is quite popular in bars and establishments…

Evie is a Wood Elf, giving her benefits against sleep and charm spells. She also has darkvision, and does not need to sleep in the same way as Pablo. She instead enters a meditative trance that takes four hours to complete, and that serves as a long rest.


Evie, Circle of the Moon

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