Nissa Oran

Paladin Ally, (Guest Starring Katy as a PC)


Nissa Oran is a half-elf Paladin from the Province of Yvraine, and a foreigner to the realm of Loirdae. She is a member of the Acolytes of the Forge, the main church of Yvraine. Her religious system is entirely different from the Kingdom, and often is criticized by religious scholars of the East. However, Nissa’s power is undeniable. Her affinity against the evil of the world shows not only in her prowess on the battlefield, but in her spell casting ability as well.

Nissa is a Missionary of Mordae, a special type of Paladin that takes an oath called the Oath of the Ancients. The oath decrees that Nissa, and all Missionaries of Mordae, must always Kindle the Light, Shelter the Light, Be the Light, and Preserve Your Own Light. Nissa is a warrior of nature, and can use her faith to call on natural forces to help her holy cause. She can turn undead, heal the party, and fight in a primary combat role. However, Nissa’s loyalty comes with a price: she will abandon the party if they do anything that goes against her sacred oath.

Nissa has darkvision, and a keen sense of Good and Evil. She can detect good and evil nearly at will, and she has a special bank of hit points to restore per long rest. Nissa also utilizes a protective fighting style, giving her companions a chance to gain advantage on combat attacks made against hostile creatures. She also possesses a sending stone attuned with Shae, allowing for communication between great distances.


Nissa Oran

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