Pablo, High Elf Illusionist

Player Character of Isaac


Pablo grew up on the border of the Province of Loirdae and the Naya Republic, a mysterious Province separating the Eastern and Western hemispheres of the world. A descendant from a noble line of High Elves, Pablo has been excommunicated by his family due to his dabbling in the drug trade. His skills with herbalism—and his affinity for illusion—have created an herbal drug so potent, it causes first time users to hallucinate for hours. Fascinated by the magical arts, Pablo has journeyed out into the Kingdom of Loirdae to discover all aspects of the world—from magic to different religions. His intelligence is his drive, and he often must play mediator between other members of the party.

Pablo’s elven blood makes him a perfect match for the magical arts. He always has advantage against being charmed and being put to sleep, and he also does not need to sleep himself. Instead, Pablo enters a meditative trance to restore his spell slots, and he only needs 4 hours to do so. Pablo also has darkvision, innate to all elves and half-elves. As an ex-academic, Pablo also has acute skills in researching Arcana and anything involving an intelligence check—especially thanks to his crystal spectacles he discovered in Geralf’s tower.

Pablo specializes in the art of Illusion, meaning any illusion spell he discovers takes half the time to learn, and half the gold to copy into his Spellbook. Pablo can cast a number of spells, and can learn any spell from any School of Magic. He can also cast (thanks to his affinity for Illusion) an improved version of the Minor Illusion cantrip, allowing him to create a visual and somatic illusion from a single cast.

Pablo also has a Silver Raven Figurine, a wondrous object that turns into a real Raven in order to cast the spell Animal Messenger.


Pablo, High Elf Illusionist

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