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The City of Tidus is the second largest city in the Province of Loirdae, second only to the capital city of Yunadaire. It is a costal city North of the capital, which thrives on industries such as fishing, trade, and the famous Middle District Marketplace. Most of the Nobles in Tidus come from extremely long family lineages, and reside in the elusive Cloudgate District. Most new money calls the Upper District home, as well as very rich merchants and some government officials. Tidus is also home to the secretive Gare Noir, a Criminal Guild with a strict moral code and even stricter enforcers. The City Guard is also a large presence, sent in from the capital to help resolve some of the major crime. Important locales for the PCs include: 

- Gare Noir Headquarters (Located on the border between the Middle District and the Docks) 

- Mages College (Located in the Northern part of the Lower District) 

- Church of Ara (Far Northeast Corner of the Middle District) 

- City Guard Barracks (Southern Corner of the Middle District, near the Private Docks) 

Main Page

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