The Province of Loirdae

The Stitcher and his Masterpiece

Our Heroes (?) Meet for the First Time!

"Dickfor the Younger, a Dragonborn of blue scales and little intelligence, laughed loudly at the table in the small, unassuming tavern. Shae, a young halflng (self titled "glib as fuck") told tall tales of his adventures trying to join the monastery—only to discover he had no knack for the art of Ki. Pablo, the young High-Elf wizard, inhaled deeply from his wooden pipe. Filled with an herb of his own design, he watched the tavern swirl in his peripherals, slightly in awe of the humanoid dragon sitting next to him…"

Our three unlikely heroes started their adventure using a trail of letters, each addressed from a different sender. Dickfor, a member of the Criminal Guild of Tidus, received a letter from his colleague Astrid, inquiring about retrieving a glue-like substance from the abandoned residence of one Geralf, an exiled member of the community and wizard-turned-mad-scientist. An anonymous letter addressed to Shae from the "Treasure Hunter's Guild" inquired about the same item—calling it "Stitcher's Glue." Pablo's letter was the most mysterious, a letter to Geralf himself from his estranged sister, Gisa, detailing her arrival almost 50 years prior. After gathering information from some prostitutes, making a few drug deals, talking to a mysterious figure very interested in the tower's treasures, and buying some drinks for an unknown group of mercenaries, the three men set out into the darkness to find Geralf's tower. 

On the trail, the crew met Nissa Oran, a half-elf Paladin from the Acolytes of the Forge, a religion unknown to the kingdom of Loirdae. Powerful and intimidating, Nissa told the three men of her quest to eliminate Geralf's abominations (and all undead in the world), and her desire for help in the matter. She agreed to let the party aid her in her efforts, and promised she had no interest in any of the treasures inside the tower. 

Once the party reached the property (and after a few lucky die rolls), they found the entrance to Geralf's laboratory—along with a mysterious diary labeled "For Gisa." Geralf's underground lab was filled with torture devices, potions, and some leftover abominations from his past that the party had to eliminate. Skeletons, grafted together Zombies, and a trap in Gisa's chambers which would have been deadly had it not been for Shae's nimble fingers—the party quickly learned that zombies in towers are not easy foes to best. Pablo and Dickfor mowed down quite a few threats and found some mysterious potions (likely worth a couple gold pieces). However, the most mysterious part of the lab was a magically sealed stone door engraved with the phrase "Mind over Magic." The door only opened with a special stone key hidden inside Gisa's chambers, right next to a mysterious blade the party was hesitant to touch. Alas, Shae took it anyway…

 Dickfor took the stone key (insistent he be the one to hold the key due to Astrid's careful instructions) and put it into the lock on the ornate door. The key pulled magically into the door, opening a new part of the laboratory. Here housed Geralf's masterpiece, a very large orc male grafted onto the corpse of his sister Gisa, the necromancer. The stench was horrid, and Nissa fell to the power of the undead abomination. Pablo acted quickly, giving Nissa one of the party's precious healing potions, allowing her to deliver a mighty holy blow to the beast's back. Dickfor, part man, part dragon, part tank, hit the monster with his family great sword, carving away the rotted flesh. Shae, who hid for most of the fight, delivered the final blow to the beast's backside (the butt blow if you will). The corrupted corpse of Gisa fell to a stinking halt, and the party was free to raid the tower of its treasures. 

Inside the secret room, the party discovered many magic wonders: A mysterious bag of holding—which can carry almost five-hundred pounds and feel like fifteen, a silver raven figurine that can transform into an animal messenger, and Geralf's glasses, which adds an intelligence bonus to anyone who wears them. They also found the coveted "Stitcher's Glue," alas only two vials. Nissa, fascinated by the substance, asked for one of the vials to bring to her church. The party debated (especially Dickfor), but agreed to let Nissa take one of the vials. Pablo kept the other vial, due to competition between Dickfor and Shae. 

Nissa bid the party farewell, leaving a sending stone with Shae if they ever needed to contact her again. Dickfor suggested the party head to Tidus to meet his criminal contact Astrid in order to sell the glue for a high price. However, the party remained intrigued by the mysterious "Treasure Hunter's Guild," so they elected to stay in town one more night to meet the letter's author. After talking to some crazy old lady about cat butts and weed, our heroes met the eccentric Samuel Lightfoot, a gnome with an—to put it lightly—expressive personality. Samuel begged the party for the Stitcher's glue, in addition to giving some not-so-subtle cries for help. The party then discovered Samuel was on the run from another patron in the bar, an unknown Yuan-Ti warlock in disguise. Battle ensued, and our hero's won—after sneaking Samuel out of the bar disguised as a dog. 

Shae contacted Nissa about the Yuan-Ti, and she immediately responded. Samuel, forever grateful for the party's rescue, admitted he wanted the glue to restore an ancient family blade as a gift for Nissa, who helped him in the past. The party chose not to give the glue to Samuel, and instead sent him off with Nissa to meet up in Tidus the following day. The very mention of the word "blade" sent a cold sweat down Shae's back; he clutched his newfound weapon fondly, hearing whispers from its hilt…

After an uneventful carriage ride, the party arrived in Tidus, appraised their treasure, and contacted Astrid. Now they wait for further information on the glue market, and whatever other bidding Astrid requires. 



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